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Ghost - How to reset forget password

It's very difficult to stay calm when the thing's you don't expect happen

Forget password

  • Someday, I forgot my ghost blog's password and even more unfortunate thing is that I tried 5 times but all failed which result in my account was locked.

How to unlock your account

  • The steps are as followed:
    • Login your remote service
ssh root@xxx  
enter your pwd  
  • Find your database while I use mysql:
cd xxx/mysql/  
  • Login mysql
mysql -uroot -p  
  • Find ghost database
show databases;  
  • Find user table of ghost
use ghost;  
show tables;  
  • Modify your account's state
update users set status = "active" where id = 1;  
  • After that your account is unlock successfully.
  • Login your blog via yourblogAddress/ghost again to check the result!
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