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iOS - Check repeat and unused image



  • In our project, we need to reduce our size of package. The main point is to reduce redundant pictures and I write a script with python and shell according to the core appeal in a hurry. Although the function has been implemented, there are still many problems left. Running before each build is tightly bound to the project, more tightly coupled to the project, and less easy to implement if you want to customize some filtering something like blacklisting functions.

  • In the spirit of not building the same thing over and over again, I took a look at the project that were already in place, and the support capability wasn't quite what I expected, so I decided to build another one.



  • It offers many functions as followed:
|Function|is support?|
| Custom scan image type   | ✅ |
| Custom scan image subpath black list  | ✅ |
| Custom scanned file subpath black list  | ✅ |
| Custom scanned file type  | ✅ |
| Code snippets scan for custom image prefixes  | ✅ |
| Check different name of .imageset and image(for iOS/MacOS project) but use the content of imageset in project | ✅ |
| Content repetition image detection capability  | ✅ |
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